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It's A Fact , i know they have female out of the Seal Beach ,Ca Branch whom has multiple tickets and assault's as well as D.U.I's and to think this individual is in charge of peoples finances, NO THANK's do Background check's you Louses, and when speaking to management come to find out she was dating the manager of the branch, Un-Real, i switched bank's and have so every one in my family, I don't trust your bank or staff.Seal Beach Ca,do not bank there they have drunk's employed you will probably lose more then gain

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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Anchorage Alaska has a sex offender with charges of 1st degree sexual assault, two counts of possession of child *** and one count of distribution (to cops) of child ***. His female 'soopervisors' just love him.

They even paid him while he was in jail. He's not out on bail working with computers and phones in the call center. Do you really want to have this creep on the other end of the phone having all your personal information? The bank - in the same building - has a personal banker who was arrested in one of the biggest money laundering / id theft / drug / fraud rings in Alaska history.

What the *** is the matter with these people? DO NOT BANK AT WELLS FARGO!

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