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Have home projects visa that I have made monthly on time payments for 2 yrs , my last payment arrived 1 just 1 day late and a $35 late fee was applied. I called customer service to have removed and was advised statement reflects due date and that if not paid by due date the late fee applies.

I expressed my on time history but it fell on deaf ears!

It is dishearting with the way the economy is today and every$1 means so much to us middle class americans that they would be so uncaring! At my final straw I asked that my account be closed and without skipping a beat they advised it had been done along with reminding me that there is still a balance owed on the account WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE/CONCERN EVER!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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I love how they have the worst customer service ever for something that was your fault to begin with.


At least the heartless bastards are consistent. I've never been treated like that before dealing with them


Pay on time and at least the minimum and you wont have problems like the one you explained...Easy solution be responsible! Its not Wells Fargo fault for your late payment. Do better next time!


Sorry for the typos. That is I will never use Wells Fargo Home Projects Visa ever again! I wanted to make sure their name was spelled correctly/


I had the same experience as Kevans. I have always paid early and more than the minimum.

Made a payment less than the minimum and they charged a $35 late fee. Called to see if they would forgive this one time oversight and I was treated like a dead beat. Wanted payment right then. However due date was not till a month away.

Will not ever use Wells Fargo Home Prijects Vusa again! Run from it!