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My husband and I made the mistake of purchasing a bed from Mor Furniture. They process their no-interest payments through Wells Fargo, I have never done business with this bank and I now know why. They say that they have a customer service line, however what they believe to be customer service is a bunch of un-friendly phone operators.

We have been diligently paying off our bill and apparently missed the due date by less than 24 hours. Unbeknown to us, they charge an automatic $39 fee the second you are late, a fee that they claim is irreversible. The late fee then gets tacked on to your minimum payment...which would be nice to know about because when you don't reach the minimum payment, guess what you get slapped with again?! ANOTHER $39 FEE!!

I was treated so rudely and coldly by their "customer service" that when I started balling on the phone because being a one income military family with a baby due any day, $80 doesn't just appear out of thin air for us, the woman said there was nothing she could do and she wasn't going to remain on the line and proceeded to hang up.

I plan to keep calling and try pleading my case over and over again, even though I have a feeling that they are going to keep their cold-hearted unflinching position. Apparently they feel that $80 to them is more important than $80 to my family. I am so disgusted with how awful they treat their customers and work hard to find any way to scam them out of money. I will never ever do business with such an awful company. Wells Fargo should be ashamed with how badly they treat customers. I feel so victimized, others should be forewarned to stay away from such an awful bank.

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If you indeed are a "military family" then you need to be going to JAG for some help. If you were actually scammed they can square it away. Additionally, if the SM is deployed there is a way to get interest rates lowered for the duration of the deployment.


While I sympathize with your situation, I don't see where WF has done anything wrong.

You are in a no interest loan in which you freely admit that you were late with a payment. You should feel fortunate that WF hasn't rescinded the no interest clause in your contract, as that's what most lenders would do in this situation.

I would suggest paying closer attention to your due date and better understand the conditions of the contract you signed. I have a no interest furniture loan through WF and I make sure they have my payment at least a week early.


:( Wells Fargo racked up $215 of overcharges from my closed wells fargo account. They processed the charges to their convinience.

I immediately told their customer service to shove it and they put me through chexsystem but I do not give a ***. I soon fled BK and got them off my hair...