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I tried to send this to them but their Customer service said it only allowed so much...

I am increasingly frustrated with Wells Fargo and am considering closing my account. I currently use Wells Fargo as a personal account to track specific items and bills and a special Savings account but after my last transactions go through am reconsidering my relationship with this company.

My reasons why are several. One reason is the poor updating of the website and slow transactions have caused a couple of overdrafts because in spite of EVERY transaction going through it showed a greater balance available than was actually available.

Also, I was married in December of 2010 and could not change my name. YOU ARE THE ONLY BANK WHO REQUIRES MY ORIGINAL MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Who is truly willing to purchase a second copy from the courthouse ( I am active duty military and would have had to mail in the request and a check, wait, turn around and put the court copy back in an envelope and send it to you) Your employee told me it was a federal law, but I don't buy it since no other bank/credit card/ or institution required it. I changed all of my credit cards and all accounts with USAA without a hassle, but not at your bank. I had MILITARY orders that stated my name change, a military ID card, could have had a copy of my marriage certificate notarized and sent to you, but you HAD to have the original. It took me almost a year to change it when I could finally go into a bank since I had moved to Terre Haute, IN and the nearest bank was 2-3 hours away.

Also, my car was totaled and paid off in the winter of 2011. While it was all cleared and good to go, my credit does not show it being paid off. My HUSBAND'S credit report, however, does. I was not married when I bought the car in 2006, I was not even dating my husband at that time and I am the breadwinner of the house and paid ALL of my payments on my car.

The last straw was my address. I live on an Air Force base that has been here for years, my home is over 60 years old and I had to call (was hung up on by the way, and call again) to change it.

Please give me a reason to stick with this bank after my final charges go through on my debit card next month. I was treated so well by my branch in Mesa, AZ that in spite of having a USAA account I stuck with you. This company seems to have a problem taking care of their clients, and many of these rules seem slanted against women.


Sameara Shackelford

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