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I opened an account with Wells Fargo on the 14th. Today is the 16th. On the day that I opened the account I did the usual deposited whatever money I had on me plus a check I had from my job. So I'm in the process of renting a car and they tell me my card isn't working. I'm like no way, I just opened the acct and deposited money yesterday. I call in to get it all sorted out, and they tell me my account is being closed. You can understand my confusion right? I just opened the account the day before, why are they closing it the next day?!

Sooooo they place a hold on my account and take the temp debit card that was issued to me. I cannot deposit or withdraw any funds. I'm miles away from home with my 6mos old sun in 80deg weather with NO money. I was livid. I'm still livid. I just got a response back from the Loss and Prevention team saying that they denied my referral.

Let me go further in depth on that, the banker told me 6years ago, when I was 16, an account was opened in my name that was closed out for a write off. I told the banker the truth which is I DID NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT IN 2009, BECAUSE I WAS A MINOR. But they're still closing the account and cannot provide me with any further details on who opened the account and why they're not pursuing the issue with that person for something that's affecting me. Because it's clearly fraud!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Deposit.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I hate wells Fargo I believe my husband and I have been made victims of account management laundering.its trying to prove it the hard part especially when they use automatic debit to do it.


You need to fire that bank and go to a credit union.

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