Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I called Wells Fargo on Tuesday and set up a payment that we were behind on due to loosing hours at work for the following week. The guy I spoke with did nothing but laugh at me the entire time we were on the phone.

Then told me he scheduled the payment for the following week. Well, I woke up this morning...and while drinking my coffee decided to balance my check books.......and I bet you can never guess............they took the payment out earlier than authorized!

Now with it being a Saturday, I cannot call them until Monday, and I now have a check that might now clear because of these ***! I will never ever ever use this company for anything ever again!

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My insurance company has sent this awful company two checks to pay off my totaled vehicle in the past two months and they can't seem to find either one!! And they want to charge me finance charges beyond the 10 day payout given 6 weeks ago.

NEVER get an auto loan through this company. Worst EVER.