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Wells Fargo decided to split out their auto financing from their banking website which therefore took the ease out of transferring money to make a car payment from your bank account. After paying on my car for over 4 years and NEVER being late on a payment, the accounts are split and I miss 3 months of payments bringing on the repo.

Fine!! After waiting 7 days for my payday, I send the payment via Western Union and then call Wells Fargo Dealer Services as they said I need to do, I get put on hold; listening to music and a voice telling me to be patient. I called ALL DAY LONG - the longest period of time = 2 hours!!! No one at any other number could help or connect me.

Now, I'm another day without my car.

With the amount of money they charge consumers, they should hire more workers and NOT keep people from customer service with a busy signal. WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your Phone: (210) 605-2907

Your Email: martinezfam602@gmail.com

Your Message: My vehicle was repo due to the falure to provide full coverage insurance, that is false!!###I have had insurance for the full term of the loan, I have my loan with Wells Fargo and they failed to verify coverage with Amax h# 210-922-8822 rep Jessie. I have called 20 plus times and they are requesting me to pay 1,300 in order to release my vehicle....I don't understand I have provided them insurance declarations going back to 1012.

Worst company. They are thieves!

!!! I still don't have my car.

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