I have been harassed on numerous occasions by this company .They harassed me and my children called relatives and discussed my bill with them.

Only after contacting the better business bureau and the State Attorney Generals office did they stop calling me at work , However they flat out lied and stated falsely that they had not made such calls .I called them today to make a payment and told them that I could only make the previous months payment today , November payment came due today, I told them that I missed 14hrs of work this last pay period as we do not have all the work ours that I am scheduled for , That I cant tell them when I can make another payment as I don't know how many hrs I will be working next week either, I was told that that was no excuse for the having a late payment, she refused to tell me how much my total payment would be and hung up on me , Worse service rudest people i have ever dealt with as well as liars, never do business with these people, Its funny how when they were in trouble the bankers felt like the poor citizens of these nation should feel sorry for them and bail them out without our consent we the taxpayers were asked to help them but now when its our turn they act as though we are of little consequences and *** under their feet.


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Wilson, North Carolina, United States #652614

I've had loans from other companies before.Wells Fargo has the worst customer service representive.

I have ever dealt with. Scott is very uninformed on how to handle customer relations and terminology. I had my own financing set up and the dealership told me Wells Fargo would give me 1 percent less interest than my what I had planned.

I am now going back to my old finance company and I do not care if I have to pay the extra one percent to not have to deal with someone like him and to avoid the phone calls placed at 8:59 at night.


daaanng that so sucks & i have only made one payment so far but they did it wrong.they actually :grin took my payment twice lol.

i am going to point out their mistake but they must have monkeys working on these computers! lmao but sorry to hear all the complaints because it is illegal for collectors to call you more then 3 times a week, call/go to your work, discuss info with anyone other then you, and they cannot call your cellphones. you can charge them with harassment! p.s.

does anyone know how many days we can be late without it affecting your credit score???

and how much they charge a day?i've bin looking on the site and googling like crazy but nothing :x


Now I'm scared!!I just got a car loan approved with them!!!

I don't like all these complaints..

but maybe if I pay on time everything will go smoothly right?:o


They are the worst ppl to associate with.Liars!!!

I'm thinking about selling my treasured Cadillac Escalade just so I don't have to deal with their *** anymore.So tired of them!!


Absolute worst customer service I have EVER experienced!I was $66 dollars behind and was harassed by them like a psycho ex girlfriend, calling my work, home, cell, sending people out to my home etc.

why is it ok for them to harass me this way?

Maybe they should be harassed with the same tenacity about repaying US the TAX PAYERS that bailed their sorry *** out!I will never do business with them again, and if possible I will transfer my loan else where so I don't have to deal with these *** bags.


Wells Fargo Dealer Services is the worst bank I have EVER dealt with!I have never been late or short on my payments, so please don't judge me right off the bat.

My problem is, is that whoever processes their payments are the biggest idiots known to mankind. With each payment I send the current amount owing PLUS an extra amount which I specifically state is for principal only. But the incompetents apply my entire payment to the future months payment, which is their way of collecting extra interest. I have been calling them every single month to fix their error.

I have even called every day the past ten days, as they applied a $6400 principal only.payment to my current and future months payments. Each phone call results in a two reading through the account for a good 30 minutes in which they still can't comprehend what the issue is. In the meantime, I sent February's payment, with additional principal, and I noticed today they still didn't apply either two payments correctly.

How effing hard is it to apply a payment to an account when I provide clear posting instructions?They will receive an irate phone call from me on Monday, and if they refuse to rectify the situation immediately, I will place a BBB complaint.

to brittany Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #589791

I'm having exactly the same experience with them as you, Brittany.Twice they applied my principal pre-payments mistakenly as advances toward next regular payments.

Twice I had to call them to fix their error. Then after the second supposed correction, they completely un-applied my extra amount to EITHER principal or regular payment and instead called the amount past due, slapping me with a late fee.

I have submitted a complaint with the BBB.If that doesn't help, I'll either ask the dealer that sold me the car to start a refi with a different lender, or I'll talk to an attorney, or both.

to PaulL Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #589793

I forgot to mention that I continually remind this organization that it is illegal in my state of residence (Minnesota) both to prevent a borrower from making pre-payments and to charge fees / penalties for pre-payments. Unless WF Dealer Services is just that incompetent, I'm becoming convinced that this "process" is their way of skirting around the law. They don't make pre-payments impossible, but they just make them extraordinarily difficult.


So wells fargo told me to pay by 2/16/12 so I paid on 2/14/12

So I go shopping when I come out my car is gone come to find out

My car got repo when it shouldnt have when I call the bank they tell me its my fault so I ask my self u got ur payment n u stil take my car


I had fallen slightly behind on my car payment.33 days behind I was told when the wells fargo agent called me while I was driving.

he repeatedly asked for my checking number and routing number which I would repeat that I was not at home and did not have that information. I let him know that I intended to make a payment, and that if he could hold on the phone 5 more minutes, I would give him a confirmation number (paying through western union). He let me know that they were closing in 4 minutes and that he wouldn't wait for me, and instead would put in an order for my car to be repossessed. I told him he should do whatever he has to do, unless he has any other advice that would help me out.

I let him know that if it was a problem to wait on the phone for me, i would call in the morning. he flat out called me a liar and that i had no intention of making a payment... at which point the discussion got heated.

Shortly after, a supervisor intervened, told me my checking information was on file, and i could set up a payment over the phone.i setup the next three.

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