I attempted to do a mortgage modification through Wells Fargo, they have destroyed our credit, denied us the modification and are now demanding absurd amounts of money to avoid collection action.This has been the biggest mistake of our lives as we had never been late with a payment prior to this.

We have hired a law firm to represent us, they are agreeing to sue wells fargo on a contigent basis and are looking to make this a class action as more parties have come forward.

If you have been victimized by this bank, email me at seadoo6644@yahoo.com We can do something about this abuse.This is not a joke.

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Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, United States #1210448

We have our mortgage and a line if credit with Wells Fargo, we have never been late with a payment on either account.We went to refinance with Quicken loans and were told that our credit history had ,slow or late payments, BK, judgements or liens, none of which is true as both payments are automatically taken out if our account by Wells Fargo on the due dates,,and can not be late. The reason for denial was that and a so called hard pull that was not authorized by us. They repirting agency was Equifax Home Mortgage Solutions.In 16 years we have never had a late payment.Wells Fargo said they couldn't find where the credit history came from,and I have not got any answer from either Equifax or Experience as to where that credit history came frimOn the credit reports all credit company's state never late with a payment, no public records or BK.


We are having the same problem with Wells Fargo Bank! herbcoll7700@aol.com


had perfect credit and a loan with wells fargo on a rental property, when my father passed away, we couldn't make our payment on that property, although we did on 6 others.Called them and asked for the payment to be put on the end of the loan, that we had had for 10 years.

They said that would be fine, and sent paper work to start the process. Then, 6 months later, 25 phone calls, 7 full packets of paper work faxed they never receive ANYTHING. There was always a different paper "missing". Always a different "specialist" b/c the previous one was no longer with them.

All the time we continued making the scheduled payments. We never got to add the payment like they said. Our perfect credit is trashed even though they said it would not be. We made the payment up but even though it's been over a year, they won't do anything about it.

After 27 years of perfect credit, with 62 accounts. Wells Fargo has single handedly ruined our credit score. We never stopped making payments, paid some on the 1 payment that we missed and it didn't matter. I feel sorry for the people that have to work there.

What a dishonest company.I will join any class action.


Wells Fargo ruined my credit and now those bastards are trying to prevent my day in court.They file a motion for removal from Small Claims to Federal court.

In small claims court, I can beat them.

Does anyone know what I should do to keep this case in smalls claims court?

Those bastards should pay for what they did.


Wells Fargo bought my X-Wifes' mortgage and illegally added her mortgage to my mortgage account.They couldn't explained why, then denied me a refinance because I had two mortgages.

I told them I had no responsibility to her mortgage, I was not on her loan. They could not explain how or why it happened and also did nothing to fix it. After filling out the form to have my mortgage adjusted, they forclosed on my house, reported the forclosure and delinquint payments to the credit bureaus. After fighting them for 2 years, a representative from Wells Fargo called me and said all they could do is fix the derogatory imformation they added to my report, but get this, when I check my credit, what they did was, stated that I filed bankruptcy on the mortgage in a bankruptcy I filed in 2004.

I didn't have a mortgage with Wells Fargo in 2004.

How could that be possible or even legal, but what really *** me off is, our tax paid money help bell these guys out!Any body, is there anything I can do?


I am interested in finding out more about a lawsuit against Wells Fargo.Thank god we are not under the nails as we were finally able to re-fi with another local and small bank.

Check out your Credit Unions, they will help.

We are in KY so let me know what I need to do next.



I'd like to join, it's been a 3 year battle with them, credit is shot. hope to hear from someone, I can't find where to join



I am an expert witness with over 25 years in capital markets with secondary bulk asst trading experience including warehousing and Servicing.I recall the 1999 MBA in New York where I was a specially marked outcast - Everyone there was a Fannie Freddie and FHA GSE or volume GSE customer.

CWHL's own president was not interested in a business plan i had circulated telling me I can shop at Marshals while he shops at Sac's 5th Ave. I have seen it all and structured these deals personally. Here is the problem. The internet, lawyers egos and self professed experts who know nothing.

You must have an inside track on the sham deals and realize what you think you see is not what is happening. Its an accounting rules error and now mad dash to reconnect loans with borrowers . I testify in these cases and will tell the court ---Under the current state rules YOU CANNOT FORECLOSE...PERIOD. Misjoinder , estoppel by lache, inducement, slander, void ab initio concealment, broken conveyances, capitalization rules, capital asset reversal, 1122AB RESPA Reg X and Sec 8 .

There is nothing criminal with the structure just the foreclosure .

Know what your pleading (not an attorney)


We were not late on our mortgage but knew we were going to have difficulties do to a child diagnoised with disabilities.I contacted wells fargo to advise them we may experience trouble making mortgage payments on time.

We were NOT late. We were put on modified payments for eight months and after multiple documants being sent upon request we were approved at a lower interest rate, 1/2 point and $ 300.00 less per month. However, they destroyed our credit rating by reporting us from 30 to 120 days past due even though we paid as agreed. They will not budge on repairing our credit rating.

No where in the documents we received did the outline the negative impact this would have on our credit.Is there a law firm in Ny that is compiling a class action suit against wells fargo for this type of deception or none disclosure?


I'm in Kentucky, anyone have any knowledge of Wells Fargo foreclosures in Kentucky, steveutley@sded1.com

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