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I had to have a new electrical circuit box put in by Mister Quik Co. and they submitted a form to Wells Fargo to finance it.

They approved it and also sent me a credit card with the same account. Within a few months I began receiving charges on my statement that I didn't make. I changed my card acct # and sent a dispute letter to the address they told me to send it to. They kept saying they never received it.

I sent another and they still said they never received it. I finally went to a Kinko's and faxed it to the # they gave me. It took several days before they said they got it. This doesn't make any sense since a fax goes straight to them.

They took off 5 of the charges and said one for $50 they couldn't prove I didn't make. I then closed my account. However when I got my final statement 3 weeks later and 3 weeks after I closed my account there were more charges I didn't make. Charges that were applied after I had closed my account and on the newer card #.

They said something about the charges just catching up or something silly like that. How did someone get my new card # to make charges? The charges were to the same places as before. Someone inside of Wells Fargo is crooked and Wells Fargo does not seem willing to accept this.

Stay away from this company. They have security breaches and poor customer service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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Your right of course. I should have made the trip to the post office.


Your first letter to them should have been sent Certified w/return receipt.