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We spent over 2hrs at Ladera Heights trying to get a Coogan account only to be told after everything that because I have bad credit my kids can't get a Coogan account & the manager would not override it. Firstly what does bad credit have to do with a Coogan account, it is a blocked account & ONLY my kids can get it when they are 18yrs.

So what the manager & Wells Fargo are telling me is that my kids cannot get a Sag or Aftra job because their parent has bad credit & the manger said yes that is the case. Half of America has bad credit, I could understand if I was trying to get a loan etc but we are talking about a blocked Coogan account. I don't even want an account with Wells Fargo I bank with Bank of America & have been doing so for 20yrs without a problem but they do not do Coogan accounts. To top it all the manager was so arrogant & wouldn't even call someone higher than himself he just couldn't be bothered.

I bet if my kid booked a big Disney movie he would quickly change his mind. I will never bank with them & never refer them!

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I believe Bank of America does have these accounts. Our manager mentioned them first...