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Update by user Dec 28, 2016

Also forgot to mention that they've let me put a check in my account that was for my son. Even though they say it's because he's a minor it's still a third party check.

It's still not in my name.

It's makes no sense to me how it makes nay difference. I should be allowed to put money into my checking account, period.

Original review posted by user Dec 28, 2016

They do not care about the customer or do they follow policy. My husband banks at another bank and every year his mother sends money for our kids for Christmas.

Since I do the shopping I deposited the check into my bank account. The check was in his name but he isn't on my account. Long story short they sent us a certified copy of the check back stating because he's not on the account that they were in able to deposit it into my account. They sent a letter along with the certifide check stating that if he signed the back of the check in front of a teller the check could be deposited into my checking account.

So we went to the bank and guess what. They wouldn't do it. They said they are one of many branches that doesn't take 3rd party checks but yet it clearly states of the letter they do. By the way it is after Christmas and because of this my children didn't get their gifts.

Even after showing them the paper they just said their little speel again. Mentioned how they would be at a loss if they did. That they took a risk. What about trying to make the customer happy.

Or working out a solution.

Possibly find another way. They just do not care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Check Deposit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Muncie, Indiana, United States #1262059

Oh God. The dreadful "Something ruined my kids' Christmas!

Except my kids did not even know about this and I am just trying to make people feel sorry for me!" speil.

What exactly is hard to understand about this?!? Someone writes check to someone. The person that the check is made out to is not on your account.

You can't deposit the check. Lol. It's literally that simple.

I love this nugget too.

"I should be allowed to put money into my checking account, period." Yes. You definitely should. Your welfare check or checks made out to you. Not made out to you.

What kind of serious bank would say, "Oh! I see you have a check made out to somebody else! Let me quickly deposit that for you!" ?!?. And don't even give me the, "But he's my husband!" B.S.

Marriages end all of the time.

If your husband was free to go with you to your bank to sign a check for you to cash, why did he just not go to his own bank?

I get it. The fact that he married you implies that he's not the smartest man on Earth, but I definitely see why he refuses to share a bank account with you.

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