Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Three months ago, I was late for the first time on one of my seven accounts that I have with Wells Fargo. They waived the late charge, because it was primarily due to some issue on their part.

Anyway, I paid twice the amount I usually pay. They advised me to set up an automatic payment to avoid this in the future. I did. I had to fax them a form because I was paying from personal to business.

My fax machine gave me a "success" and I thought all was well. The next month I got a bill and called to see if it was set up. It wasn't. I paid my bill and set it up on line.

I received a notification that it WAS set up. This month, it did NOT pay, and I got another late fee. I called and told them I set it up twice and have notification that I am set up. She said it won't set up until my account states I am not behind for 30 days.

I had two months without late fees where I paid....that is 60 days. She said I would have to pay this late fee and she would remove it from my balance (which is very high and I'll NEVER see this money.) I told her it was their fault so they should remove it from where they added it (like every other account in the world), from my PAYMENT. She told me absolutely not.

I feel like I am trapped in a nightmare with these people and will never get out. With seven accounts that I can't move, I am really stuck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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