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I live in south texas and Wells Fargo had charged me/my husband twice more for one purchase transaction. My husband and i recently went to a local furniture store that was going out of buisness and bought a Ashley recliner and a Serta twin mattress at the price of 378.88!

Well as soon as we got home we check our online banking account and noticed they double-charged us so that was 378.88X3. We imediately called the furnitre store and asked and the there computer only showed 378.88 one time! This has been the second incedint like this! Now i have money taken from out savings and over drafts from saving to checkings plus a 10.00 fee for that over draft transaction from savings to checkings.

Im i the only one who has experienced this or are there other people that this has happened to?? It has been 2 days and i still have no money for my rent or bills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $378.

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I have got 3x charge for one purchase, what is going on with wellsfargo, this bank used to be a very good bank


Yes this has happened to me where as though I made a payment to amazon online. WF drafted the money out of my account immediately however left the charge as "pending" and not posted.

Then days later drafted the amount I paid to amazon again. They also did this when I used uber once. Smh.

I'm joining the suit if there will be one. Its the principal of things.


Just happened to me today. No happy.

My account us over drafted and I have bills coming,out today. If there is a lawsuit against WellsFargo I'd like to join in.


i have the same issue went to wf site seems to be a problem toda


This has just happened to me too, what is my next step?? Help, poor student who cannot afford to throw away money like this.


I think they passed a law where you can sew a bank with a group of people.


Yes something similar has been happening to me I pay for stuff it takes money out of my account then charges me three days later for the stuff already paid for


Yes, this has happen to me for several months and I have been checking the account but simply putting in money and then I started noticing that my available balance shows the pending transactions already being minused from my account. Couple days later my balance goes down again.


it just happened to me. payed 48.97 for an armani exchange hat and its charing me twice on my account!!!!! what should i do???!!!!


Call Wells Fargo and explain your situation, make sure you have your original recipet. If not go to ARMANI and let them know and see if they can pull up recent purchases made by your debit card/ credit card. Good Luck.


They double charged us also. Two times on the same day.

And are trying to blame it on the merchants we used the card with. They went through their accounts and checked and both only have one charge on their end. Now thanks to wells fargo our money is tied up for ten days with rent due in two. Thanks a lot WF.

Peace out. Going to a credit union asap.


This just happened on March 5th in 2 Wells Fargo accounts on the same day. 2 purchases double posted from 2 stores Waiting for my money back, they are saying 10 bus days.

Did this happen to anyone else? It seems funny that they were on the same day.


My boy friend banked with Wells Fargo after I advised him not to. I have never heard anything good about the company.

They ended up double charging his account to the point that he was almost a grand over drawn. When he went into the bank the bank manager said they would need 2 weeks to investigate, it took 4 then he told him he would pay the recipients that were owed however he my boyfriend would have to pay for all the over draft fees. He told them he would not. The next time he called they told him he owed nothing and that they had taken care of it and closed his account.

Yet none of the payees have received payment. This is 3 months latter and counting.

He went to the local corporate branch today and was told that the bank manager he had been dealing with was not authorized to make the promises he did and that he is pretty much SOL. They do not want to pay the people owed or give him the money they pretty much stole from him.


The exact thing happened to me as BLM. I got double debits in succession for Wells Fargo debit card.

When I called customer service they said they were aware of a techical problem in their system and would file a claim to resolve my problem and it would take at least 24 hours. When I asked them to credit my account for their error immediately they refused.

I called my local branch for relief and although they said they would like to help, the corrections have to be done by their central office to avoid double credits. Does anyone know of regulatory agencies to make these banks accountable for their fraudulent behavior??


Yeah I got double charged for a money order I purchased from my bank, plus then it charged me overdraft too. I freaked out when i logged on and saw that I had negative money in my account...they said that's "normal" though and I just hope it doesn't affect my credit rating!


This has also happened to me on more than one occassion with Wells Fargo. The second time I was charge twice for THREE purchases in succession, one being $1200 which caused me to overdraft and not have enogh money to get to work, go food shopping etc.

This is a terrible bank.

Their customer service was useless.

When I called all they could offer was a claim form that processes in 10 business days. They clearly did not care that I had no money due to THEIR error.


I have Bank of America and have started noticing that I've been having charges show up twice. Sometimes they are in pending state and sometimes i have one that has cleared but the second one is pending. I haven't been officially charged twice but it's a hassle because it lowers my available balance.

Byron B

If at all possible, PAY WITH CASH. If you don't have cash then you can't afford it.

What I do is first, do the window shopping. Then, the negotiating with the seller. Sometimes they'll even drop the price if you agree to pay with cash. Then, go to the bank and withdraw the amount & go buy your stuff.

I know this sounds like more work but banks all over are doing the 'double-charge' scam with the debit/credit accounts in hope some people will overlook it. If at all possible, ditch the corporation banks and go with a local credit union.

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