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Wachovia, where I had been a customer for 5 years, was just taken over by Wells Fargo. First of all I have 3 accounts, one for my paycheck, one for my husbands, and a savings.

Well mine and the savings are connected so if you overdraw it pulls from your savings and this service was free from Wachovia. Well I bought gas one day last week after the Wells Fargo deal finalized and it pulled from my savings account as I had intended. I went home and checked my account and it was charged $10 for a transfer fee (new fee from wells fargo). I was slightly upset but got over it as a bounce would have been $35+.

I went to Walmart and ended up getting more than expected so I used my husband's debit card and it was declined! I know we had over 2k in there as he just got paid, so again I had to use my savings, with another $10 fee. I missed the bank closing so I couldn't speak with anyone that day, so I put the card in the ATM and it said cannot process, your new card will be delivered by Oct 23rd. Why would they cancel the card before sending us a new one???

Already dislike this bank! Why do all the good banks get taken over by ***??

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Savings Account.

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