Hesperia, California
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Dear Customer Service

I we are a very unhappy business customer.

I have been a business customer of Wells Fargo for a few years. We had a $200K line of credit until about a year and a half ago when the loan was called due, not re-new able. We paid it off in full. Wells Fargo has never filed the UCC form to release this. I am currently working with another bank to get another loan. I need a statement from Wells Fargo stating the loan has been paid off in full. Megan McAlpine just told me there's nothing she can do and since were taking our business to another bank, don't bother her anymore. THIS IS WRONG. The fact that Wells Fargo is still showing up as a negative on our business Experian report and Wells will not correct it is hurting our business. Do I have to file a law suit to get action?

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE SOMEONE LIKE Megan Mc Alpine as a "Business Specialist"

Please inform us as to Wells Fargo's intentions so I may proceed.

Thank you

Bryan Barkley,


Barkley Andross Corp

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I paid off a car and i asked for a payoff notice but they refuse to give it to me....I am planning to buy a home and all the mortgage company needs is this payoff notice. They make me so mad..I paid them off, balance is zero but they wont give me a payoff notice