Pennsauken Township, New Jersey

Wells Fargo has no idea how to administer an HSA.

Wachovia had serviced my HSA account superbly, but now that WF has taken over it is like banking amateur hour. They have issued debit cards twice in the past year and will not issue dependent cards until spring 2011!

This is unacceptable for families with dependents out of state in college, who need to pay for office visits, and prescription costs. I called customer service who could not help at all. Extremely poor response.

I can set up an HSA wherever I want, and I certainly will be getting as far away from Wells Fargo as I can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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I agree. Wells Fargo has charged my inactive acct $4 each month and now it's negative and they keep charging.

It's difficult to work with them and their east coast hours, and no website customer service. A totally negative experience.


Don't bother. 2 months and counting.

Last excuse was "Your application was cancelled by one of our underwriters" it was an internal mistake. We need to start your application process again" Simple HARP2 app.

Great credit score and never missed a payment. Truly a joke of a bank.


What an amateur organization. Regardless of the promises made prior to signing up, Wells Fargo does not communicate in any way with Wachovia.

Nothing but hassle, endless phone calls and unanswered questions. I will be searching other plans.


I am an unhappy Wells Fargo HSA customer as well, and agree with you 100% I called the customer service and they seemed to get a lot of requests concerning dependent cards, but didnt have any clue. sad, so sad