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Good Evening,

Earlier this year, I entered into a purchase agreement with Brian #####, on the above referenced property. Since that time, I have experienced significant delays by Wells Fargo to approve the short sale of the property. At 5:00 pm today, I will be starting the process to withdraw my offer. While I may or may not find another house that I love as much as this one and I may get my deposit back, I will not get back my time nor the fees associated with the home inspection. I can understand and be sympathetic to the process and paperwork involved in making these decisions, but the fact I have to wait on a "maybe, maybe not" approval with no date or timeline to work with is absolutely unacceptable.

My heart really goes out to the seller, Mr. ####, the seller. This gentleman has kept the property neat and manicured for showings, continues to pay the utilities and is trying his best to move forward from this financial nightmare. All the while, Wells Fargo continues to delay the process over supposed paperwork issues, such as, a signature wasn't bold enough or claims of not receiving paperwork that has been sent repeatedly.

I haven't had a lot of time to review any guidelines or law regarding short sales to make a determination that this process has been handled improperly by Wells Fargo, but I will. In the meantime, I will be forwarding my concerns to the FHFA, CFPB, FDIC, OCC and FRB. I am sure they can guide me through understanding how this whole process should be handled.

While awaiting their response, I will reach out to every media outlet, including social media, that will listen to me paint the story of a qualified buyer with a fair and accepted offer (who happens to be a hard-working mother of three, who's about to be forced to move due to the house that she's renting is being sold) can't purchase her dream house because the seller is struggling with his mortgage but is trying his best to do the right thing.

Whether it's by a governing agency or the audience of potential and current Wells Fargo customers, I am sure Wells Fargo will have to explain that they were acting ethically and lawfully during this process.

I really hope the house is purchased by someone who would have loved it as much as I would have.

Heather Davison

-----Original Message-----From: James R.To: Heather Davison Cc: Helena A. Sent: Wed, Mar 2, 2016 1:00 pmSubject: FW: URGENT

Heather, FYI. Let’s discuss later today or tomorrow.

James R. Partner

From: Brian M.Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2016 12:51 PMTo:;

Subject: URGENT

I am writing to request that you immediately approve this contract. The purchaser has indicated they will be opting to cancel the contract if approval is not given today.

I have been providing Wells Fargo with financial information for nearly 1 year for purposes of modification and short sale review. In Fall 2015, we provided additional information so in the event of a contract, we would be ready to quickly move forward. After being on the market for six months, and having not received a single offer, we now have an offer and are at risk of cancellation because of delays by Wells Fargo. We have most recently been advised that the file was transferred to a different processor only days ago.

This contract was signed in January, and we have diligently responded to all of Wells Fargo's requests for information. We have now provided the same authorization to you on at least three separate occasions so that you may speak directly to my Realtor - who has been more than accommodating in responding to all of your requests for information.

In the event that approval is not issued by the end of the day and this contract is canceled, there is no way for me to continue payment of the utilities and any other upkeep at the property. I no longer reside at the property. At that point, it is likely that I will merely consent to the relief sought in the foreclosure action currently pending against me as opposed to making continuing efforts to market the property on your behalf. I will certainly be contesting the amount owed based on your delays and failures to mitigate the losses associated with this property.

Please notify us immediately as to the approval of this contract so that we do not lose the opportunity of transferring this property. We have a ready, able and willing buyer who wants this house and is prepared to pay for it. There is no reason why this should not have already been approved.

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