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I have been through 3 different plans since April of 2009 and have gotten no where. I'm told something different each time I call.

Just to let you know, the "90 Day Trial Period" is a big joke. It only buys WF 90 days more to come up with some other excuse. I have a question? Yesterday I received a call from Prudential and Dean said that he was contacted by WF to gain access to my home so he could tell them what he thinks it's worth!

I ask if he was an appraiser and he stated "No, I'm a Realtor".WTF!! I told him he will never gain access into my home and that WF should have notified me first. Has this happened to any one else?

(Most Realtor's pull up comps in the area.) As of this point, I haven't received any legal notices from any attorney's, but I feel I'm getting close to the end of loosing my home.

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We have decided after trying to get WFHM to work with us January 2009, that we will be walking away from our home of 22 years on December 2nd. Everytime they send a loan modification letter it is the same amount as the original mortgage payment that we can not pay.

We are done.

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