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About ten years ago an attempt was made to steal my I.D.

I was banking with Wells Fargo at the time, and the internal investigation by Wells Fargo told me they thought it was an "inside job". An employee was passing personal details on to criminal accomplices. I closed my account!

Fast forward to today. I have two new accounts with them, store bought (Trane) loans for Air Conditioning units. Now they way they get you with their "GOTCHA" charges is this:

1) their website is awful. All you can do is PAY. You can't see a statement, the dates when you paid, or balances. No other company i deal with has such a primitive and unhelpful website. It leaves you in the dark. Deliberately.

2) Now the fun begins. Late fee. $35. No, you say, I paid in time. Online. No, they say, you did not. And of course you can't prove it, because their website does not support you.

3) Let's say you stick to your guns. Next month, another late fee! $35.

You call them, angrily, saying you KNOW you paid in time. They promise to investigate.

Next month after that: LATE FEE! $35! Now you are really upset. You KNOW you paid on time. It turns out that, yes you paid the PRINCIPAL on time, but because you did not pay the (disputed) late fee, they still nailed you for another $35 late fee! Cool, eh? Nobody else does that. Of course, when you think about it, it's a $35 one-month late fee on a $35 alleged short payment.

Or 100% interest over 1 month. Which is 1,200 percent over a year.

4) But it gets worse. Now you find yourself being shouted at by remarkably unprofessional customer service representatives. Some speak really poor English! Is that a baby you hear crying in the background? Probably! It appears much of this "service" is contracted out, and you may well be dealing with somebody who is talking to you from their home kitchen!

Now how do you feel about your Soc.Security number and personal information?

Conclusion: ***Wells Fargo Financial is a nightmare to deal with.

***Their website is deliberately stone age.Unhelpful. All you can do is PAY. And PAY some more.

*** Their customer service is really dodgy. And they just LOVE those $35 late fees!

I have just paid off one account, and I can't wait to pay off the other one.


Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

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Francis Meyrick

Thanks for your comments. I had a really bad feeling the first time I accessed their website.

I was so accustomed to "normal" online banking web sites, where you can "see" exactly where you stand. When you paid, when they charged what and why. Not Wells Fargo. Heck, no.

You can only PAY, and that's it. All other information is simply not available. I should have gone with my gut feeling. Wells Fargo design it that way.

Primitive, unhelpful, confusing.

Pretty cynical in this day and age, don't you think? :roll


I'm so sorry that this happened to you but i thank you so much because you have now convinced me to leave wells fargo. I had been debating it for over a year after reading this i now feel it is time for me to leave them.

They really dont care about the customer once your in need of some help. they offer the illusion of good service then when try to use it out you get shafted. Im not sure if i made the right choice but i made a discover card and the people are much friendlier over there but it may be that it because i was talking to a new account rep. anyway, you made up my mind to cancel all my accounts with wells fargo this week.

I will be switching to a credit union and or military saving bank (usaa) Ive been with wells fargo for over 10 years but that doesn't mean anything to them!

they constantly remind me that they dont! anyway, good luck and i hope you can bring these guys to justice with all these scam type automations.