Let see where to begin my debit card expired then wehn I called it took them forever to send me a new one. Then in the mean time I had to go to the bank and take money out.

I did this then I over drew my acount by. 38 cents and to top it off I got charged a $35.00 over draft charge I mean REALLY are they that hard up for money. SERIOUSLY .38 cents I have to go there for work because I do not have a choice so this bank In GREENSBORO is not any better the manager sends pretty much everybody to lunch at the same time Un real I closed my account and refuse to pay the $35.00 they can kiss my f*CKing *** period they are very pathetic and un realistic.

Dont bank with them run far away from them as fast as you can. The customer service needs to improve MAGORILY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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well they were and are taking premiums from my sisters account for the past 2 years and SHE DIED!!!! she had insurance on it and they said to us and sent us letters emails etc saying she did and they would pay it ..yet they took thousands of dollars in premiums and giving the lawyers etc for the estate the run around ..so my 2 nieces have had next to nothing because they have kept this all tied up for the past 2 years !!!!! :sigh :( shame on you guys taking mneyh for 2 orphaned children thats a new low!


Well, if you overdraw your account, you overdraw your account. If it's by $.01, then it's YOUR fault. I can empathize with taking forever to get your card to you, though.


Anyone who reads this should take all their business to a local bank or credit union. Do not do business with Wells "Go Far Away".

Their treatment of employees is even worse than "regular" customers. Wells is despicable company that doesn't give a hoot about anything other than its own purse. They put on a front about helping older employees, veterans, disabled. In reality, they spit on them.

They put on a big front about helping the community. In reality, they only do what benefits Wells. They do absolutely nothing to help their own team members. They actually fired a young employee in is 20s for taking sick days when he was quite ill.

Sadly, he passed away a few months later.

Close your Wells accounts and go somewhere else. :(

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