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Worst bank I have ever worked for. Vice Chairman commented at annual meeting in Houston, Texas: "As a shareholder of this Bank, everyone should be doing exactly what [I] had been doing for the Bank". A month later my direct manager gone. Two months later the regional manager gone. Three months later Vice Chairman gone. Biggest revolving door in what is left of the banking industry.

As a banker that has worked for the larget banks in the world. Wells Fargo has zero respect for employees that do their work and generate profits for the bank.

I was stopped by an FBI agent in an airport in another state and interrigated. FBI told me they got a call from Wells, but could not detain me. FBI thought it was very strange for a bank to do this to an employee. This must be their new way of intimidation. Maybe Berkshire Hathaway may want to know how the bank handles their top performers of the bank.

Review about: Wells Fargo Manager.

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Get a lawyer a sue them for all they are worth.

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