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We had a checking and savings account with Wells Fargo. Our house was robbed twice in 3 days, and on the first robbery, they took a whole box of new checks.

We had no choice but to report the theft to Wells Fargo. We were successful in preventing the thieves from getting any more of our money, but paved the way for Wells Fargo to drain us! Since we had direct deposit to both checking and savings when they closed our account and transferred all funds to a new account our direct deposit was stopped. They started a snowball effect when they bounced the first NSF check.

By the time they were finished with us they had taken $5000.00 of our money and sent me to a collection agency saying that I still owed them $179.00 in NSF fees on the account. I did all the right things like going to the federal agency that handles Banks and filing a complaint with them. When I got the run-a-round with them, I decided to go see an attorney and file a case against Wells Fargo to recover our money.

The attorney told me the truth about banks and what they can legally do with our money. He showed me in the little booklet they give you after you open an account, "....once your signature is on the dotted line, you give up your right to sue the bank for what ever they do with your money..." They can legally steal from you and you can't do a *** thing about it!!!!

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