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We recently and unfortunately refinanced our home with Wells Fargo. After the refinance was completed, we began getting a string of letters advising us of things that would change.

The loan Just closed March 1, 2009 and they have already sent us a letter advising us our payments would not fund sufficient escrow so they are raising our payments. Really, no one looked at it less than 30 days ago and found that? In addition, they lost a check for $1000.00 and misapplied another in the same amount. They originally told me it would be resolved in 3 to 5 business days.

It has been since March 4th, they now tell me perhaps, April 15th.

If you have Wells Fargo problems, PLEASE complain to the Federal Reserve you can get a form on line or email them. They are who rates the banks.

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I have a WF mortgage also. It could be that your taxes were due after the closing and they went up.

That's something the bank can't predict. It happened to us. We haven't had any problems with them, of course we have payed on time for 7 years now so we give them no reason to bug us..

One thing I do wish is that they wouldn't charge $13 for a one time online payment. I don't like to have it taken out automatically which would be free, I like to control where and when my money goes out.

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