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Wells Fargo Bank process of debit and credits with checking accounts and debit cards creates excessive over draft charges and it's my belief that they know what they're doing. It's methods makes it very difficult to balance account. I consider it criminal.

Any attorney and individuals interested in a class action suit please contact me at We can discuss. There process to debit your largest check amount first which will make your other checks no good, so in turn they get $34 per item that they return. If you use the visa on your debit card it is immediatley taken from your account and then credited back that night, which causes confusion with your balance, not that it's there responsibility, but they know this confusion creates fees when the vendor submits item for payment and it then taken from account again.

Those are just two examples of them knowing what they are doing.

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I'm having all sorts of problems with Wells Fargo since they took over Wachovia. They are fleecing millions of customers with weird fees and changing the terms of the accounts without properly notifying customers.

I have been pulling my money out slowly and depositing in local credit unions.

I suggest everyone do the same. Corporate greed at its finest.

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