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If Wells Fargo Home Mortgage d.b.a. Americas Servicing Company has hurt you and your family, please contact the two two attorney's working to file a class action suit on behalf of outraged homeowners.


The Law Offices of Daniel Harris is currently investigating Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Contact us for a free consultation if you feel that Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has done you wrong.

Daniel Harris

312-960-1802 phone

OR email him:

Horrific, intentional, fraudulent neglect seem to be common denominators shared by Wells Fargo Home Owners nationwide. The truth is heartbreaking. Please visit with caution (the content will make you sick) these informative websites:

The Ripoff Reports website at


equally informative

You Tube at

AND absolutely do not miss

an excellent Mortgage Servicing Fraud's website.

In Nov 2006, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage made escrow errors on my mortgage loan, and after an ugly year of illegal charges piling up on my mortgage, they think they have the right to steal my home! Finally, in October 2007, WFHM admits (by letter) they made the errors that resulted in an illegal judgment against me for $12,000+ over what I truly owed on my home. On their papers they corrected my loan balance, and contacted credit repositories to remove the negative reports they made in error, but after sending me a letter telling me everythinig was worked out on my loan, and the judgment would be reversed by their attorney, they sold my home at a sheriff sale. I now have to pay double the amount of what I owed on my mortgage to redeem my home. IF I can get financing. I'm disabled and divorced. I was hospitilized and during this time they took all the steps and received a judgment against me. I wasn't even given an opportunity to present the truth. I didn't even know they were in Court! They told me all was being worked out and their errors fixed. I can't afford to fight them. They are wrong, they KNOW they are wrong, and yet, without looking back, they stole my home. Before their escrow error, I had a perfect 14 year mortgage history with Waterfield Mortgage. When they closed my credit score was 740. Now my credit score has dropped over 200 points, and I can't get help. WFHM has a profitable scam going, and they close their eyes to the human beings they don't deserve to have as their clients. I promise you, WFHM, if you do not cease and desist in your fraudulent actions against me (and millions of other shell-shocked home owners), and if you do not make restitution, I will continually create and search for ways to make my name one you hear on a daily basis. IT IS MY GOAL TO GATHER TOGETHER OTHER PEOPLE YOU'VE HURT, CHEATED AND STOLEN FROM, AND JOIN FORCES TO BECOME YOUR BIGGEST SERVICING CHALLENGE!

I will design a web page (in several languages), distribute e-books, publish press releases worldwide, and, I will be absolutely relentless in my pursuit to not only reveal the ugliness in Wells Fargo Bank, but to also secure compensation for the irreversible pain and loss you've caused so many. Without blinking an eye.

Kelly L. Hansen Overland Park, KS 504-579-2340


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I met a similar fate. My home in Ocala, Florida was forclosed by Wells Fargo after several attempts to get into the remodification program. I am now staying with friends and seeks justice.


I had a high interest loan that was handled by

Wells Fargo's agent ASC.My payment was very high and the homeowners insurance made it even worse, I lost my job and struggled to make the payments for a year, after a year however, I could not sustain the current payment.

I applied for a loan modification no less than 3 times and instead of getting better, my payments got higher, all that happened was the attached the arrears to the back of the loan which resulted in my eventually having a house underwater.

I lost the house in foreclosure a few months ago despite the fact that I tried to keep my house.Is it too late to join a class action law suit?


My family was going through a modification that took forever months had past before wells fargo actually foreclosed on our home.we had 3 days to leave the home and find somewhere else to live.

after selling of most of our sentimental items and throwing away the rest, we were told that our home was no longer in foreclosure and that we were able to move back yea where do i sign up?!


My house caught fire and when the insurance companie sent me the settlement Wells Fargo's name was on the check as well as mine.i went to the wells fargo bank to get it signed and pay off my loan and they wouldnt accept it i had to mail it in to their office in Irvine Ca.

with the assistance of an employee i overnighted the check to them. I was told there would be no fees in association to paying off my loan and i would recieve the $60 thousand of the check that was mine after home payoff within 15 days, its been almost a month. I have kept caling them and they refused to give me my portion of the insurance settlement, i have paid off my home loan and now their charging me fees to pay off my house and they are refusing to return the insurance monies to me after they have theres. i think they are keeping my monies to gain interest i dont know what others are going through but interest in their coffers at $60 thousand for 30 days seems like if others were added it would amount to a substancial amount.

i dont know what to do they keep giving me the run around--please help me.:sigh


Yes I would love to join any lawsuit. We have went into foreclosure twice because of ASC so called loan modification.


I worked as a Senior Underwiter for Wells Fargo in Tempe Arizona, I was told that I must underwrite & review 30 files a day (underwriters at other banks review 6-8 files a day). I think the same should hold true when it comes time to modify a loan 30 files a day per underwriter. The truth is I had a daily quoata to underwrite and fund the loans but they take their time when a modification is requested.

Darryl Grayson

Darryl Grayson & Associates



They dragged me from Chicago behind that stagecoach with a noose wrapped around my neck after I filed my complaint discrimination withg EEOC.


I agree all should join the class action lawsuit.

Darryl Grayson

Darryl Grayson & Associates



I have been doing the WFHM loan nonmodification/ just get deeper underwater dance for 2 years now.They have produced fraudulent documents in response to my QWR.

I know the documents are fake because 1) my name is misspelled, 2) the date is incorrect, 3) the amounts are different than the ones on my closing papers (the new amounts correct all of the violations found in the forensic loan audit that was done for me through NACA), and the attorney that signed them DOES NOT and NEVER has worked for the firm that did my closing!!! Nice WFHM real nice!!! Keep hiding behind all your billions that you got through your fraudulent acts!! One day some judge will set you straight and nail you in the only place that matters to you....your wallet!

Enjoy your ill gotten gains and illegally attained riches!

I will continue to hope that when what goes around comes back around to you banksters, that you will truly know the pain and heartbreak you all have put so many people through.Greed and deception are all some of these banks know and their actions are just shameful!!

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