Riverside, California
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Wells Fargo Bank went into my checking account and took out 5700 hundred dollars that they lied and said that i authorized them by telephone to remove this money from my account. this was money that i have to hold for tenants deposits and to pay mortgage and taxes.

THIS IS A CRIME> I have had an account with this bank since 1974 and they did this injustice. I had to close this account. They said that i signed a paper saying if i fell behind on payments hat i consented for them to remove money from my account. I never signed such papers it was an unsecured business loan.

I'm now facing foreclosure. because of this

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $5700.

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5700 hundred dollars. That's like $570,000. Guess they really cleaned you out didn't they?