Glendale, California
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I opened a minor savings account for my new son who was about to turn one and wanted all of his birthday money to go into the new account. A whole month after I opened the account I kept receiving notices that the bank was missing ID information on my baby.

So I took the notice in and gave appropriate ID and 2 weeks ago today the bank shut down and closed all of my accounts, including my debit card, checking account and 3 savings accounts without notifying me, after of course they told me everything was fine with all my accounts. And it just so happens that the day my accounts were closed was bill day, the day I sent off all the bills for the month. So I go into the local branch after talking with the extremely rude call center and I speak with the Assistant Vice President of the Corona, CA branch and he sat down with me and found out that all of my accounts were closed due to bank error! And all of my money was withdrawn and sent in check form to my house.

This was 2 weeks ago, my checks for my bills are all bouncing, rent is due tomorrow and I'm out $1600 due to bank error. The Assistant Vice President keeps telling me "any day now". The bank has done NOTHING to compensate me except order me a custom design box of checks for free. And the funniest part about this is that they cannot put a stop payment on the check they issued since there is no tracking number!


Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Debit Card.

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