Just be wary! Wells Fargo has many divisions and they are not associated with one another. For instance, I deal with 3 and they are as follows:

1) Wells Fargo Bank-Standard Banking..so far it's okay but beware of charges at ATM's for things such as statements, etc.

2) Wells Fargo Financial Bank-the Credit Card Division. While they have me a Platinum Visa with a reasonably high limit (as I co-signed with a relative with excellent credit) their interest rates % are up there. If you ever go over your limit (even by $1)you will know what *** on earth is like. Your limit will be reduced (which further puts you over your limit due to the service charges which accrue daily). The ONLY way to repair this damage (takes a minimum of 6-months to do) is to pay long before your due date each month and at least 30-50% more than the minimum due.

3) Wells Fargo Auto Financial-The auto loan/leasing division. Very high interest rates (if you need a co-signer) and, you better be prepared to pay way before your due date and more than your minimum payment or you will never get out of this loan. If you are ever late on a payment...you will be in trouble for at least 6-months to a year.

4) It's better to establish banking with Wells Fargo Bank, build some credit (via direct deposits or CD's) and get your auto loan or credit card from them. Sounds crazy? It's just better to deal ONLY with the actual banking division.

All things considered, if you are very careful, Wells can assist you with re-establishing credit or repairing bad credit but you will pay a high price for it.

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