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My car is financed through Wells Fargo. Back in January of 2009 they changed my payment due date from the 25th of each month to the 5th of each month. They did this without notifying me in writing or by phone call. Apparently they made this change on Janurary 4th. Now how the *** was I supposed to know that they changed my date to the 5th if they waited until the 4th to do it, plus I was NEVER notified!!

I have requested that something be sent to me in writing notifying me of this change. We are now in July of 2009 and I have still never received any letter. Here's where it gets really good though. If I call them and ask them to tell me that date that this letter was submitted, they openly admitt that there is nothing noted to my account about this letter. However, if I call them and explain the situation with the letter the story changes and they say there are several notes in their system that show where a letter has been mailed.

They call me EVERY day about 20 times a day wanting me to make my payment. They even call me before my payment is due to "remind me" that it's fixing to be due.

I made 2 payments in June 2009. The total was $814.76 and that was for June and July's payment. Today when I talked to them they told me that part of that was applied to the payment that they say I never made for April. Yet I have my bank statment from where April's payment was made. I asked the girl why I was never notified about the missing payment for April and she told me that this just showed up in their system today.

Now, if they call me when I'm 2 days late making a payment then why wouln't they have called me back in April if they show I was missing that payment? Every time I talk to them it's excuse after excuse. Plus they show me as working for some law firm. I am not an attorney and certinaly have never worked at any law firm.

I know that I am not the only person that has had and issue like this with Wells Fargo. How in the *** are these people in business? They don't know their head from their ***!! Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get them to correct this issue. Would contacting the Attorney General's office do any good?

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I too am having issues with this Bank. I leased a car and at the end of the term they were to pick up the car cause I didn't want it.

I was told if they picked it up it would be considered a repo and go against my credit report.

My lease is called "Lease Agreement With Option to Purchase" go figure. take you agreement to a lawyer, have the lawyer call the back.



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Glad to see Wells Fargo is still at it. What a bunch of thieves. Guess thats why they are showing a profit this year while the rest of the industry sings the blues.