Wells Fargo Auto Finance purchased my contract on an RV from a dealer. Wells Fargo somehow 'lost' the contract they purchased and because they don't have the correct info on the 1rst payment due date (they screwed up and have it a month earlier) they have amassed a considerable sum in late charges that are not justified. They won't admit their error even tho I faxed them my copy of the contract.

Also, to compliment their lack of honesty; they tried to tell me that my prepayment had gone to the principal of the loan, even tho their own monthly billing statement stated on numerous occasions that 'no payment was necessary at this time' which by the way coincides with my original contract.

Wells Fargo Auto Finance calls me up to 10 times a day and hanging up after 1-2 rings. When i do speak with one of their representatives, they all profess ignorance of what other representatives are doing in regards to this dispute. I've never had so much dissatifaction with a company as I do now with Wells Fargo Auto Finance.

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Wow, you're lucky with your *** rate of 14%. Rimrock Auto got me for 18% and said it was because I had "young credit".


I at first accepted their extended warrenty & then declined it because it was outragously priced. Then they wouldn't honor the one I found myself & said, "That particular company owes us a lot of money."


Our country is in a mess as a result of greedy dishonest banks and car dealers. Rim rock auto manipulated paper work I olearned at home my signature was to pay $41,000 for a used chevy.

My trade in was worth 9,000 interest over $10,000 refinanced my trade in Rimrock took for predatory rates around 14%. Told Wells Fargo they said Dealer gave my address as an empty lot (seting me up).

Car did not work warranty was bogus. PISSED OFF

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