Atlanta, Georgia

Wells Fargo Auto is a reprehensible company, engaging in appalling, threatening collection practices. Have never missed a car payment and the one time I did (my mistake) they sent me to their collections department where I spoke to a low-life animal by the name of Sally Watson (or so she claimed that as he rname) whose phone number in Orlando, FL is 407-548-3542.

They are living in the dark ages. Wells Fargo, once a distinguished, professional institution with a great reputation for customer care and service has reached new lows in the banking world and that's saying quite a bit given that there aren't any banks that are particularly in top form at the moment.

But,what can you expect? They were a leader in the sub-prime mortgage lending disaster that helped tank our economy, and now intend to recover their own losses by beating their customers to death if they step out of line

for even an instant. Horrible, horrible practices. I will obviously never do business with them again and will never take a call from them that I do not tape. I wonder how much more they would make if they engaged in professional practices and treated their clients with respect?

Wake up Wells Fargo - you are creating enemies in such great numbers that you will one day topple from their weight. One can only hope.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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