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About one year ago I encountered some fraud. I had tried to use my card to

withdraw some money and it said that my account did not have enough funds.

This was strange because I did have enough funds to withdraw the amount I

requested from the atm. It was late so I went home to check my balance

online and see what was going on. To my surprise my account was missing

$200. So I called Wells Fargo and told them to close my account. They made

me go through various steps to try to dispute the unauthorized withdrawal. I

received a picture of the theif from my branch. He was wearing a hat and

suspicious clothing to cover himself up. It was someone I did not know. I

waited for a while to see what they would do and then they sent me a letter

denying my request with no explaination so I sent the claim to the BBB to

investigate. After which I received another letter from a higher positioned

employee giving me an explaination with the reasons why they found the claim

I was making to be false. The conditions were, I had possesion of my ATM

card, the withdrawal was made with no wrong ATM pin attempts, they withdrew

an amount that didnt go over my daily limit, the area was 30 minutes away

from my area, and lastly they say I made a purchase from amazon the same

day(but amazon purchases aren't even relevant to ATM withdrawals). So they

denied my claim. But the thing is that what they say is not true, I was

really frauded and they denied it. I had read online that these types of

fraud were possible and my many attempts to get Wells Fargo to get my money

back were unfruitful. Of course everything they say seems to make sense

unless hackers are really able to do these things with technology these days

and I'm sure they are. Because someone DID steal from me! I swear on my life

and everything that is near to me. So liars get their money back and the

truthful ones that explain the situation as is get shafted with their

automated assessments. Also, may I add that they denied my claim within 48

hours. Can you really do that much investigation in less than 2 days?

Monetary Loss: $200.


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Colusa, California, United States #1286806

I cant stand Wells Fargo either I deposited my car payment $317 into a non Wells Fargo ATM on accident thinking it was a Wells Fargo ATM and this is back in November the same exact day I went and filed a claim and nothing was done so by 8 days after the claim was filed I contacted the claims department and the lady was real snobbish and since I didn't know the ATM ID or have a receipt the lady just closed my claim it's really simple to solve my claim just call the other bank ask for the footage or put in a reg e form and they will release the camera footage and check the ATM for an overage but here we are February 14th and my claim has been denied over 3 times and I lost my job in December and totalled my car in january and still they dont want to help their customer if i were able to get a different bank i would. But im stuck with the worst bank ever i hope u can somehow get what u were taken for back

Palmdale, California, United States #1244230

This has happened to my husband twice already.The case is under investigation as it has happened 2 times for $2 000 all withdrawal were at Wells Fargo branches in Riverside and Menifee.

Keep in mind we live in Palmdale. And what doesn't make sense it says atm withdrawal for $503 ×4. No atm give $503! I am not giving up and am looking for who eles this has happened too.

This is not right.The


How would I go about doing this because Wells Fargo is also doing this to us. I had a minor's account that had no access from online or over the phone and some house someone access that took money from that account and put it in another account and used my pin number supposedly and they enter the right pin number what do you do then who do I talk to???? Try to talk to him that they were very rude very rude all Liz Martinez Wells Fargo customer service rude


Hi how many days before they send you the photo of the man who withrew from your account? Looking forward for your quick response thanks


I guess I need to join the crowd of pissed off people.I had (2) $500, (4) $60.00 and $140 taken out of my account.

But before I could call them ALL the $500 and ALL the $60.00 had been put back in there. But now I am fighting for the $140.00. How can someone get this much money out of a ATM if the daily withdrawal limit is only $510????

THEY have made a mistake or they wouldn't have already put a majority back without me calling.The *** I spoke with said it isn't fraud because they didn't empty my account.


Did they mail the pictures to you or did you go into the bank and get them?

to Keelie Los Angeles, California, United States #919770

Hi Keelie,

Its been a few years, so i don't remember too clearly.I think they way they had me to do it was to submit some kind of form requesting the information.

I think i had to make a police report and provide it to them so they could authorize the draw. The ATM camera was in a city about 20 miles from me that I had never visited before so they got the photo and then I went to my branch to pick them up. The photo was of some person I had never seen before, however, they claimed that it was me or someone i knew. Anyway, the process took about 2 weeks i think to file a report, submit the request to the bank and receive the photos.

Or maybe i think i had to get the photos first in order to file the police report.Sorry, its been so long.

Newport News, Virginia, United States #899451

Yes. I purchased something and they sent something else. Wells Fargo asked me to return the product then sent me a letter denying what they said and blaming things on me.

Wells Fargo is really nasty

Inman, South Carolina, United States #891024

I had a similar experience.I live in Spartanburg, SC.

I charged a meal at McDonalds and the same day, someone withdrew $300 from a Wells Fargo ATM in San Bernadino Calif.

They investigated and calimed that I or one of my friends used the ATM in Calif.I don't know anyone in California.


At the age of 16 years old, my first bank account was with Wells Fargo.

Back in 1996-99 this types of scams were rare and people did not really understand how it could be possible.

When I reported this to Wells Fargo, the explanation was the same as the above claim. Since my pin was used, they could not refund me the $800.00 they had stolen. Although I had my ATM on my possession, someone was able to use a ATM with some card and my pin.

At that time, wells Fargo did not have cameras on certain ATM's so they could not provide me with any other proof other than someone had use a ATM location with my pin and that disprove that some other than my self had stolen or withdrawn money from my bank account.

Only today, my nephew said someone used his bank account information to purchase $2,000.00 worth of Items in the bay area while he was at work.

Friends of mine have similar stories. My recommendation is, DO NOT OPEN OR USE WELLS FARGO AS YOUR BANK.

I never used and will never use Wells Fargo after my experience.

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