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got 2 payments behine do to lack of work made 1 of the 2 payments andthey wells fargool took my truck and stated that I refuse to pay.wells fargool sold my truck and if I wanted it back I had to pay the full balance off. that" nuts the guy chris was rude and happy n taking my truck.i will not every do business with wells fargooool spread the word they do not car about the consumers.they wells fargool are quiqe in making a decision.if had the chance to pay the 600.00 I would have.that chris refues my payment.

u would think they would want u to keep the vehicle in stead of trying to get it back. save all the hassle and not go to wells fargo.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #678540

YOU took out a loan promising to make the payments. YOU didn't make the payments did you?

Then you wonder WHY the truck was taken?

Notice I didn't say YOUR truck because it's NOT your truck UNTIL YOU FINISH MAKING THE PAYMENTS. So, are you *** or just too lazy to get a second job to make your payments on time?

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