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I have been with Wells Fargo for 16 years. They do not reward customer loyalty in any way.

If anything, they punish customers as much as possible. I took a direct deposit advance to cover my rent. Wells Fargo cleared a smaller check and then bounced my rent check. The withdrew the amount and then re-deposited it since the account was negative.

Then they decided to take the deposit advance out of the already negative account. In additin, they charged me a 35 dollar NSF fee and a 35 dollar return check fee in addition to 35 dollar fees for everything else that bounced since my account was negative. I had small things pending before they raped me. So I ended up buying the most expensive pack of cigarettes ever, over 40 bucks, and buying the most expensive burger i have ever eaten.

Also over 40 bucks. To make matters worse, since all of their fees made my account so negative, they took every penny out of my other checking account as a "right of set off" fee. This did not set off the negative balance. All it did was make my other checking account negative when the things that were pending cleared.

I talked to my local branch manager and he said there was nothing he could do since I supposedly signed a contract allowing them to do this when I opened my account. Wells Fargo doesn't care about customers, all they care about is that they get their fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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