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When Wells-Fargo took over Wachovia I noticed harassment. Being recently unemployed and deciding to pursue full time college, I missed a single payment.

I then made every payment since then, and was attempting to catch up the debt. I owed them all of $259 of back debt, most of which being late fees they would tack on when my payment was even one day late. I thought I was paying over the monthly amount and catching up the debt since the last bill I had gotten from wachovia before I missed a payment had my amount changed to $146, and I was paying them at least $150 (not a lot more, but a start).

When I was close to being able to give them all the extra debt they came and took the car and threatened to sue me over the remaining amount. Now they will not give me the car unless I pay the full $4200 loan.

When I called to ask them about the extra amount I was paying to catch it up, they denied that Wachovia had ever sent me any lowered payments, despite having them in hand. And called me a liar when I asked what they were then.

They also called me "apparently unworthy of the car" for being unemployed. They also then called other members of my family liars when they took the phone from me when I was obviously and rightly upset.

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Wells Fargo is incompetent with handling our refinance like the Streamline Refi program...which is one of the easiest to complete.

They keep forgetting to send us documents and this causes more delays. Very frustrating dealing with a different person on the phone who is reading notes from the last customer service rep but doesnt really understand the process.


Yeah, I found out after reviewing my contract that I had a 10 day grace period on all payments as well. So they had been charging me late fees illegally, and even admitted in one instance that "if I was even a day late, they were charging me a late fee." I have had a number of lawyers and bankers tell me off the record that what they did to me was hands down theft.


I had Wachovia, Wachovia changed my loan type (without my knowledge/permission) then Wells Fargo paid my propert taxes & so did the Loss Mitigation Supervisor told me WF didn't need anymore "people like me from Wachovia" who don't pay their mortgages...I was current! Now he's after me personally and and no one will help, Nick Ryan made my acct so that only he talks to me & he won't. Seeing a lawyer!

Wells Fargo are crooks, liars & need to be stopped!


I'm actually seeing a lawyer in about an hour about it.


If this is true as you say it is you may want to take this to court and let the judge sort this out.


Yes, Wells Fargo does not seem to care about any one's privacy. I asked them a number of times not to call me on my private line, and only use the lan line.

They continued to constantly call me on both.

Sometimes calling 4-5 times on my private line as WELL as as 2-3 times on the lan line. This practice of theirs is horribly, and people need to stop using them all together.


I totally agree and can relate to Wells Fargo harrassment practices. Our home mortgage was with Wachovia, got sold to Wells Fargo.

We have never missed a payment or been late, yet they call us up to 3 times a week for "courtesy". We very explicitly told them that we do not accept sales calls in our home; they claim it is just a service for our benefit, not a sales call.

Then they proceed to try to get you to refinance, get an improvement loan, etc and CLEARLY selling! We are now considering refinancing with another bank just to not do business with them.

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