Beach Haven, New Jersey

I recieved a letter Elite about repossessing a car

of someone's whom had moved-When I called over

and over to tell them hey-I am not the party-I was accused of harboring the party and hung up on--I have no link to either company my car is not financed through them-I can tell you I WILL NEVER

use them-I am innocent of this whole thing and just happened to move the address of the person in collections and they accused me of harborment and hung up-RUDE and CRUDE-both companies-I will tell all not to use both for a thing

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Someone who refers to themselves as Bill had also called me. Came to my home and dished me the same hassle. Whoever employs this character should consider getting more professional like agents.

to Anony #667482

^^^you sir are full of ***, my dad owns the company and I am an office manager, there has NEVER in our 20 years of working have had someone in the name of Bill.

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