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How Wells Fargo and Bank of America has teamed up to Terrorize a family.

This story has been on the news and is unreal. Both banks continue to show extreme incompetence continue to disrespect this family. Links to the news:

In 2007, Tom Bloomer took an upper level management job with an aerospace / national defense manufacturing company in Georgia. In early 2008, he bought a house and moved his wife and kids from Texas to Georgia.

They were going to live the American dream, working a good paying job, living near the beach in the beautiful southeast.

Everything was going great and as planned when Mr. Bloomer received a letter in the mail in March of 2010 that offered him help since his house was in foreclosure. Mr. Bloomer blew this off as junk mail since he was ahead on his house payments. It was shortly after that the Bloomer family noticed people in their yard, looking through their windows and slowly driving by.

One person even knocked on the door, but then seemed shocked when it was answered and they left in a hurry.

Then Mr. Bloomer received a letter from an attorney in Atlanta, saying that the house was to be auctioned off on Tuesday, and this was the last chance to pay the $10000 owed to Wells Fargo. This was a shocker. The Bloomer family had never had a loan with Wells Fargo. Their loan was with Bank of America.

Mr. Bloomer called Bank of America and asked them about the foreclosure. Bank of America told Mr. Bloomer to not worry about it, it must be a mistake. Thankfully, Mr. Bloomer did not take that advice from Bank of America, and called his closing attorney from when he purchased the house. The closing attorney told Mr. Bloomer that they were aware of some shady moves by Wells Fargo but thought they had settled it. They looked into it and got the foreclosure canceled since Wells Fargo had not followed the law and issued a 30 day notice to the Bloomer family. But, this still did not make sense. It should have been stopped because Wells Fargo had no right to the house. Mr. Bloomer once again called his mortgage company , Bank of America to let them know what was going on. Bank of America was rude to Mr. Bloomer and told him he was crazy, that Wells Fargo had nothing to do with the house.

About a week later, Mr. Bloomer received a certified letter from Macalla Raymer attorneys in Atlanta stating that the house would be foreclosed on and auctioned in 30 days for Wells Fargo.

Again, the house was listed in the paper and online as a foreclosure and Mr. Bloomer and his family had to deal with the bargain hunters trouncing through his yard and looking at his house. Mr. Bloomer once again called Bank of America. He figured that Bank of America would be interested that Wells Fargo was laying claim to their property. Bank of America told Mr. Bloomer to ignore Wells Fargo and continue to pay the note to Bank of America. Wow! What advice. In the meantime, Wells Fargo employees also came to the bloomer household to take pictures of the inside of the house.

The Bloomer family was being terrorized by Wells Fargo. Mr. and Mrs. Bloomer missed work to be at home so their children and pets were not victimized further by bargain hunters and bankers.

Mr. Bloomer called his closing attorney again and they called the title company. Mr. Bloomer also called his congressman, Jack Kingston, who of course did nothing and never responded and he then called his senator Saxby Chambliss. The senator did contact Mr. Bloomer and had the Bloomer family contact the office of the comptroller currency to file an official claim against Wells Fargo. Through these channels the foreclosure was once again deemed wrongful and halted.

This would happen one more time in 2010. Wells Fargo was claiming to have a deed to the house as well as Bank of America and both banks wanted paid. The Bloomer family found themselves being held hostage for two mortgages by two of the largest corporations in America. Wells Fargo has absolutely no interest in the house whatsoever, yet keeps filing foreclosure on it due to a mixup in their records!

To make matters worse, Mr. Bloomer was laid off from his job at the end of 2010. He had two banks demanding money. Mr. Bloomer knew he owed only one, he was sure it was Bank of America, but as crazy as things had gotten, he didn't know what to do. One of the banks was not going to get their money and foreclose. Bank of America did not to help in any way and Wells Fargo was being downright criminal in their approach.

Mr. Bloomer now living on unemployment realized he may soon be forced to move his family so he needed to save cash and stopped paying both banks and filed lawsuit against Wells Fargo.

Now of all sudden Bank of America wanted to talk. When Mr. Bloomer was making his payments to them, they didn't want to help him and blew him off. Now that he missed a payment, they wanted to work with him.

After 3 months, Mr. Bloomer went back to work, and Wells Fargo had backed off. Mr. Bloomer started making double payments to Bank of America to get caught up. But as he was attempting to make his third extra payment, Bank of America told him they wouldn't accept it and they wanted him to go through a loan modification to get the money he was behind on forgiven. Mr. Bloomer explained that he would rather just pay it up and get back on good terms, but Bank of America said no.

This was amazing. Whenever Mr. Bloomer was making payments to Bank of America they were difficult to deal with but when he not making payments they wanted to work with him. Crazy!

Mr. Bloomer filled out the dozens of forms and submitted them to Bank of America in May / June of 2011. Mr. Bloomer received the approved loan modification package back from the Bank, after reviewing the documents; Mr. Bloomer realized the address was wrong on the modification documents. He communicated this Bank of America and they said they would have to redo them all. Now it's been two months again since Mr. Bloomer has made a payment again. It was amazing.

Finally the corrected documents were received and his modification was approved. Mr. Bloomer was told by Bank of America that he should call August 1st to get the exact new payment amount and start making the payments then. Awsome! It seemed like everything was getting back to normal.

Mr. Bloomer called Bank of America in August to make his payment under the new terms but they now told him, the loan mod was denied and they would not accept his payment. Somehow or another they had lost the paperwork on their end due to personnel changes. They would do another one, but they would send a representative Mr. Bloomer's house to do it in person since this had gotten so messed up.

Sure enough, a rep showed up at the Bloomer's house and filled out all the paperwork again. The rep expressed shock at this story and agreed Bank of America and Wells Fargo had shown great incompetence up to this point. All the paper work was filled out again and submitted to Bank of America. Mr. Bloomer was once again not making any payments, ever though he tried.

After about three months, Mr. Bloomer received a call from a Bank of America rep introducing themselves and saying they wanted to work with Mr. Bloomer to fill out a loan mod. WHAt!!! They had done that twice now! But the rep explained some of the paperwork was missing or outdated and needed to be redone. So all these forms and papers were submitted again.

Now it is three months later, and yet another person from Bank of America has called to start the loan modification process.

In the meantime, the lawsuit against Wells Fargo is ongoing. They have been sued on many different counts including fraud and wrongful foreclosure. Wells Fargo settled with the title company and admitted fault but has ignored efforts to settle with the Bloomer family.

The incompetence of these banks is incredible and the fact that the only time Mr. Bloomer was treated decent by Bank of America is was when he was not paying the payment to them.

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