Wells F---o needs to be closed. Customer service to both internal (employees) and external customers is horrendous in Anchorage, Alaska.

Believe it or not, W F---o treats its employees worse than its "real" customers. An extremely overweight employee is allowed to come in late, call in sick whenever, break every company police, do whatever she wants. A young man who was truly ill was terminated after 10 "occurrences".. He was very ill - but - unfortunately - didn't plan his illness in advance enough to not have to call in ill the day of the "occurrence",.

He died - at the age of 26 - just a few months after the Cube B----- "Soopervisors" fired him!. Another "pet" has child *** charges against him". They even paid him while he was in jail,. Wells F---o really needs to post another huge profit on the backs of truly good employees?.

They certainly don't benefit from them?. I've worked there for 20 years - Good employees and I are sick of this|.

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