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I'm sure like many out there, I too am having modification problems. New documents needed, updated documents and it goes on and on. I've made formal written complaints to the OCC, the following day my entire file was lost / closed and I was sent a Fed-X from a NEW Home Preservation Specialist in a new State and the return package is Fed-x'd to another State. SHELL GAME!!

I've worked by fax period. I receive a document for my files after the the transmission has been completed AND absolutely know that WF/ASC has a soft document retrieval system that allows ANY home preservation specialist to pull up pdf type documents that is an absolute correct replication of what you faxed. I actually live in a some what small town and when I print and sign my new documents, my plan will be to hand deliver them to our local Branch Manager to confirm they are accurate and they will have to fax them on my behalf. As a Bank Manager, or any employee of a banking institution, they are bound to an agreement of confidentiality.

I'd like to pose this question to others out there.. WHY ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FACILITATING

THIS TYPE OF CONSUMER FRAUD ( Home Preservation Specialists ) NOT BEING PERSONALLY PROSECUTED?? ISN'T THIS JUST ANOTHER FORM OF ORGANIZED CRIME THAT OPERATED UNDER THE PROTECTION OF A CORPORATE SHELL GAME?? Personally, I know for a fact the last people who HANDLED my file are in Maricopa County, Arizona and I've contemplated contact with Sheriff Joe's office.

Another question, as I've worked for a publically traded Company before in the Accounting area. Why are the INTERNAL / OUTSIDE Auditors who come in and believe me, look at everything for every fiscal period NOT bringing this into a Committee of Business Ethics? How does SOX ( Sarbanes Oxley ) apply here?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

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