Anchorage, Alaska

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Anchorage, Alaska has an employee who is on probation for possession and distribution (to the sex crimes task force in Alaska) working in its call center. He was also recently arrested for 1st degree sexual assault.

Not only does Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Anchorage, Alaska allow him to work with a computer and phone in its call center, they even paid him when he was in mail. Do you want to do business with a company that allows this type of person to have access to your confidential information? There have been complaints about him stalking employees, etc.

His bleeding heart female supervisors just cover for him. Do not do business with Wells Fargo!

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Have any of you ever looked at the registry online? Paper delivery people, McDonald’s workers, list goes on for {{Redacted}} and such that are working on a day to day basis.


Jeremiah Fagan Alexander, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Alaska, was convicted of distribution of child *** and incarcerated. He is now on the Alaska Sex Offender Registry.

The managers at WFHM in Anchorage stuck up for him - "he's such nice man - he couldn't do this" - and kept him employed until he actually went to jail.

He had access to confidential customer information, addresses, names, etc., and was speaking with them on the phone. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO.


This is the only *** that has been allowed to work at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Alaska. The bleeding heart liberal female managers all support and continue to employee these seriously dangerous people.

This *** who was just found guilty and is now required to register on Alaska's Sex Offender Registry was reported to management long before any charges/arrests were even made. He was stalking another young female team member. They did nothing. DO NOT - DO NOT - DO NOT do business with Wells Fargo.

They fired a young man who was terminally ill for missing work - he died shortly after. The same female managers continued to employee this sex offender - even paying him while he was in jail.


After allowing this *** to work at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Anchorage, Alaska for more than a year, he finally changed his plea to guilty. He is guilty of three felonies - two of possession of child *** and one of distribution.

During the year, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Managers and Supervisors in Anchorage, Alaska allowed him to work there, he also raped someone. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO!


This *** is still working at Wells Fargo despite protests of the few conscientious employees working there. Creepo is set to change his plea (to guilty) October 5.

Maybe they will give employee of the month for his fine community involvement to molest and destroy and rape children.

Wells Fargo is THE WORST. And folks, remember when you can't get a loan refinanced or are losing your home, WELLS FUCKO gave $20 million to the Obama convention!


We are also very concerned about this *** He should never even be allowed in the door let alone working with a computer and phone. Plus, he runs around texting all the time and using his cell phone.

Children need to be protected. Do you want your family to be exposed to a *** like this!