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Well, Wells Fargo in Anchorage, Alaska hit the top of the charts again! Wells Fargo personal banker Hilda Josephine Hernandez Mcmullen was just indicted in one of the biggest identity theft, money laundering, drug schemes in Alaska history.

Do you REALLY want to do business with this *** bag outfit. Not only are they rude and incompetent, they now employee child molesters and money laundering pond ***.

If you are incompetent, hate to work, hate people, don't know you *** from a hole in the ground, get a job at Wells Fargo. It is the going place for alcoholics, nut cases, and *** buckets.

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This woman is a personal banker in the same building as Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Anchorage, Alaska. This is the same location that employs a young man who recently was arrested for 1st degree sexual assault and has charges pending for possession and distribution of child ***.

DO NOT BANK with this place.

Remove your money from the bank and write letters to its executive John Stumpf in San Francisco, Mike Heid in Des Moines. Do you really want to do business with an institution that employees ID theft / money laundering felons and sex offenders!

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