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Since March 2009, I've been trying to get Wells Fargo to work with me to refinance my mortgage. Not only have they not helped, but I have been subjected to what I consider a wide range of abuses. Today, I encountered what appears to be their attempt to pull an advance fee scam on me.

On 10/2/2009 I called Wells Fargo and talked with Ronanda in Loss Mitigation. Ronanda said she would try to help, then took additional information about my financial status.

After being asked for my information, Ronanda asked me to put up $571 within 20 days to see if I can be qualified for a program. Ronanda did say it was not mandatory, but after I said I was not willing to make the payment, Ronanda told me I did not qualify for any programs. When I asked why not, Ronanda told me that she did not have that information.

Ronanda clearly knew I was not going to be offered any assistance before she asked for the $571 fee, yet she asked for it.

This is not the first time I believe they have attempted to scam me. Earlier in the year I called to talk with the fraud department. In that case, my money was returned.

Not only is Wells Fargo refusing to work with me, but now it appears they are in the advance fee scam business.

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