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Today, is 8/27/2011.

I have filed a Sacramento County Sheriff report against Wells Fargo for embezzlement, and I an online FBI report.

I sent the corporate office a demand letter for the money that was in my accounts, $about $15,000.00 in checking and saving and $30k in my IRA.

The other disturbing thing is WF has removed my ability to review my checking account ONLINE, or in the form of returned checks. The online service, was for the previous 90 days. The account was closed 8/6/2011 and I have not been able to see what predatious actions they have taken to the funds.

They have though, been sent me back an account correction in the mail, that, of course was an account downward adjustment.

Their ATM had read my checks in the amount of $415.00, and sent me notice that their reading was incorrect and that it actually was incorrect by $50. Res ispa loguitor.

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I have been a customer of Wells Fargo since 1968, I opened my first savings account there. In 1978, when I was beginning a new marriage, we opened a checking-savings for our new life. 30 years later, while I was ending my marriage, I was also interested in dating, one of their tellers.

I sent her flowers to the bank and we planned to go out sometime soon.

Next thing I knew I was contacted by bank security, telling me not to go into the branch where the female was. Reason given, the lead teller, found out what was happening and decided to attempt to stop out unstarted relationship.

Again I was contacted by the bank and told to stay out of that branch. The damages were to my ego, the bank was making me out as a stalker instead of as a guy asking to go out with a girl. It was certainly defamatory, what they did, I had good friends at the bank.

My next problem was with Wells Fargo and its unwillingness to admits fault in their accounting errors. In 2008, while studying for the bar, I deposited a 2000 dollar check, into my ATM --checking account to cover.

The next week, I found that I had 30-- $35 bounced check fees. The bank had not found my check in the ATM, it was deposited at. Eventually it was found, but in the interim, they would not reverse one of the $35 charges.

I threatened but they ignored, Note: Wells Fargo is bubbly sugar and spice in their costomer service, just go into a branch, it is infliction of phoniness, as you stand in line as they slobber on you with sweetness, to get you to buy something, but if you have a problem, they are FRIGID and angry in their respsonses. When I was asking a bank officer to reverese my check fees , he said , did you know that Wells Fargo survives profitably because of penaltly collections.

Finally, I sued in small claims court. About three days before the hearing I get a call from their business analyst, who simply stated offers me a settlement agreement. I would get all the charges reversed, in exchange for dropping the lawsuit timely.

We agreed, and I signed off and MY money was restored to my account. I am still not sure if it is MY account, I think the bank actually has more rights with MY account than I do.

At any rate on January 16 I walked into a Wells Branch, and deposited a $25000 check into my checking account. Or so I thought it was in my checking -- I had the teller look up my account, checking and instructed her to put it in the checking. Unfortunately, I have a savings account to.

She inadvertently, put it into savings. The check had been deposited to cover another check that was going to the IRS, for a capital gains tax payment for 10,000 dollars. The IRS submitted the check which bounced and was returned for covering, The tax payment had a 200 dollar fine from the IRS, for being late, It had been mailed timely, but when it bounced, it was now delinquent.

I went to the bank, i called the business analyst, but this time I was called back by their agent-attorney, who reluctantly paid me the fine amount. He also sent me a letter, stating that the bank had made a business decision, and that the bank thought their standard of care of accounts, was insufficient for me, and that they were involuntarily terminating my account August 5 , 2011. They also stated that I had breached our previous setlement agreement, by not changing banks earlier.

There was never any such agreement that stated any such terms.

Simply stated was being RETALIATED against for demanding my money back, when I was legally entitled to it, for dating one of their tellers, and for asking that they pay for my IRS fine, that they caused.

We will be going to trial this time , no settlement agrements.

By the way, he teller and I are now a happy couple. She will be one of my witnesses at trial if necessary .

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funny this was written 2 years ago and they have the same shady practices going on today. These tellers are steeling money and it seems to be ok with CORPORATE headquarters. tHEY PREY On the OLD BAD BAD BANK


That's what I'm talking about. It's nice to see that someone is finally fighting back at the government.

It's time to but a stop to paying the FAT CATS in office and take back what most of us worked so hard for. Thank you for this info, I also have an account with this bank.

Now I know to keep a very close eye on my money. Thank you