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Wells Fargo is in the habit of raping customers when their computer system moves funds from one account to another.

We I asked Wells Fargo to refund the $12.25 in fees they charged me, they refused. The said I could get $6.00 back and then threatened me with overdraft fees.

There is NO justification for these fees because all of the funds in question belong to the customer. Moreover, it's done by computer so there is no overhead. As such, it is nothing more than common

thievery on the part of Wells Fargo.

A strong message needs to be sent to the overpaid corporate *** that create these fees --- STOP RAPING PEOPLE.

Pass the word, let the corporate garbage know their greedmongering is not acceptable! Make sure they know, they will be out of business unless they cease their pillinging of customer accounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Totally true! It is impossible to view your balance online because pending transactions literally "disappear" the day of their processing, crediting your account back the held money for just that day.

The next day it officially comes back out.

There was never an issue with Wachovia... DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If I had a split personality such as yourself I could be a WF employee and a liar. Alas you assume too much. I am a lowly customer service rep. I vote Republican because I find Democrats morally repugnant and intellectually bankrupt. They sell out to anyone for their own gain and have no consideration of the future generations, and are self-centered, self-righteous, self-loathing blaggards.(Take a look in the mirror. You'll find one looking back.)

You sir must be part of the group that calls themselves the 99%, better known as the .99% whiny great unwashed, as well as a rebel spy and a traitor. You make bad decisions and blame others. You spend all of your money, except the 34 cents in the bank, and want someone to give you more. You're a leech that wants to suck successful people and businesses dry, because you are too lazy to be successful yourself.

So, please sir, continue sitting in your tent in the park, smoking your *** next to your overflowing bucket of ***, eating food from a big corporate fast food chain, and complaining that no one will give you an even shot.

Please dress warmly. I don't want you to catch a cold and need health care that someone else obviously needs to pay for. Good day, Sir.



You're both a Wells Fargo employee and a liar. If you don't have much or don't make much and you vote republican, you're not very bright.

Moreover, attacking me at the behest of your recently indicted criminal employer is very lame and shameful. It is a typical republican business drone thing to do. As such, I am not surprised.



I also see what you do late night in front of your computer. That's disgusting and you need to pull the blinds on your trailer.

I do vote republican most of the time. Thank you for noticing. Unfortunately, though, I have not scored a lucrative job at WFB. By the way, I would like to come stay with you for free and eat all of your food. Because you think everything should be free I assume that you have no problem with this.

I do know it is probably hard for you living from one government check to the next, with alcohol and cigarettes at all time highs. I prefer to work for a living myself, and don't expect everything for free.

I do consider it a privilege to be slighted by you. I don't make a lot of money, but what I have I earned. I take personal responsibility for my actions. You should try this some time. Peace.



You are quite obviously a paid corporate shill. You seem to know the balance in my account and all of Wells Fargo's banking polices. This is unacceptable behavior on your part and on theirs. It's also a violation of the law.

I will be in contact with the federal government of this issue. I will be making it clear that both you and your criminal employer need to be serving hard time WITHOUT parole.


Pull your 34 cents out of their bank and bury it in your front yard y "PRIVATE" information to the internet. This is a violation of the law.

You sir, are a dispicible right-wing sellout and republican criminal.

I will now be getting your information from the operators of this site so I can sue you AND Wells FargBLOW.


Both of you clowns sound like a couple of republican drones. I bet you both work for Wells Fargo.

Therefore, nothing you say means anything and your posts are another attempt by Wells Fargo to downplay their corporarte theivery.

Shame on you both and may you burn in ***.


Daneieio, THANK YOU! Exactly what I was thinking. Oh, and people, STOP using the word RAPE to describe your customer issues, it's revolting and makes you look like a jacka$$.


Wow! They actually bent you over and gave it to you without consent?

You don't have to use their bank, with their rules, and their fees. Pull your 34 cents out of their bank and bury it in your front yard. No one would ever suspect the front yard. Everyone thinks the proper place to bury money is in the back yard.

I on the other hand would go straight to the front yard because I know how tricky you must be after reading that splendid rant you typed.

You never said what caused a transfer. If it was self initiated through the internet this generally doesn't cost anything. If you had an overdraft that required funds to be transferred from your savings to your checking then that's why they charged you.

You can either cancel this type of account so the automatic transfer does not happen, or take the personal responsibility to ensure the funds are available in your checking account when you make a transaction. Grow up and act like an adult.