Knoxville, Tennessee

Wachovia had at one point in time renewed my faith in Banks. If I had a problem they bent over backwards to help or correct it if it was their mistake.

If an online banking error occurred they owned up to it and then corrected it, and when I called into any customer service office or executive office they could verify my identity without asking me for information I didn't want to pass over the phone. It took Wells Fargo two months to violate the contract of a line of credit, refuse to help me at the corporate office unless I had over info all the other customer service reps didn't ask for, and then decided to just close my accounts when I complained about being abused. Good by Wells Fargo, you must have always been an abusive bank. too bad some *** ruined Wachovia.

I had perfect banking for 21 years and in two months time Wells Fargo ruined that, violated contracts, and then gave por customer servie at the executive level.

The one thing I could always count on with Wachovia is that at the executive level customer service was outstanding. I am glad my accounts have been closed, Wells Fargo is an abusive banks that seem to not care about customers.

There going to be on of those bancks that slowly go out of business. If who ever started Wachovia starts another bank I am in, I don't care if there is no branch in my town, I will invest money with that bank just because they always treated me with respect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

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I think this bank has specifically targeted people who don't know how to spell or don't type very well, so watch out.


Agree! I trusted Wachovia and like you said they would owned up to it and corrected it.

In two months I've had two undeliverable payments with no notification from Wells Fargo and they wouldn't agree on paying late fees charged to those accounts. They are simply useless and have no idea of customer service.