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For the past 2 days, Wells Fargo has locked me out of my account repeatedly and forced me to go through an authentication process each time.

I have to call in and they ask a serious of questions which are based off public regard, which honestly, if someone steals your identity and opens several accounts in your name, how are you expected to know what city this as done from or exactly what they bought and they say you're not who you are based off of your inability to answer the questions. Which, I have had my identity stolen before and so some things that are apart of public record aren't actually done by me.

For example, they asked me about a mortgage that I've had in the past... I've never owned a house in my life. So I've never had a mortgage and when I told them that, they said I wasn't the account holder. LIKE *** I'M NOT. Are they granting access to my account to someone else?

Now, I am being told that in order to authenticate my account, I have to drive to a branch and present them with photo ID to prove I'm me before they'll unlock my account. TALK ABOUT INCONVENIENCE!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You need to fire them immediately and go to a small community bank or better yet, a credit union.

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