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The collection practices employed by Wells Fargo is unbelievable.

With the government bailout, Wells Fargo has 1 client to please, and that is the federal government, and although the bailout money is from the tax payers pockets, we the tax payers mean nothing to them.

Wells Fargo is the epitome of cold, corporate greed.

The relentless phone calls, the unwarranted threats of repossession and the refusal to admit receiving payments when I have the cashed check's in my possession, is all what you can expect when trying to do business with Wells Fargo.

Any response to this with a name of a good, qualified attorney in which to pursue their finance department would be much appreciated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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well why were you in collections? The level of past payments will usually determine how agressive a bank is with you.

And by the way Wells fargo paid back the bailout that they didn't want in the first place, in 25 days cash look it up wells fargo is not indebted to the "tax payers" collections is a nasty business but I don't think banks have much choice because people like you don't pay the bills on time. no offense but you have to pay on time or you forgo your right to be treated nicely because you broke the agreement with the bank.