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Recently i deposited money to an outside ATM. They held my cash, bounced a check, charged me $35 and then sent me an email because they claimed my deposit was unusually high!!!

It was for $2000. So now they claimed they will need to hold onto it for another 2 days!!! I make 60k a year and now I cant access my funds until they check to see if its ok. I wont say who I work for, but I will say its an international recognized company and these guys wont give me the cash I earned until they see fit.

What a %^&y bank.

They make me feel like a number and not a person. Im moving to Columbia Bank.


Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Deposit.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Written by bestoros on October 24, 2012 From Dallas, Texas, US

I am VERY angry and FRUSTRATED that WF would do this to me. They have my mortgage and Auto loan and yet they are denying any responsibility for $200 stolen from my account within 52 seconds after my $300 deposit.

They instead claiming that I had provided someone with my card and pin allowing them to withdraw money from my account.

They are denying my integrity! That is absolutely unacceptable.


I went to the Wells fargo ATM and got 60 dollars out and the receipt emailed to my inbox said i took 200 out. It was after hours so the next day i went inside the branch and told them what happened.

They said they could not do anything because the atm machine was not attached to their building and serviced by an outside company. long story short they said there was no discrepancy and I am now out 140 dollars.

Like Pulltype says NEVER DEPOSIT OR TAKE MONEY OUT OF of an automated machine especially one at Wells fargo. :(


Glad to see this post. We are just changing over from Wachovia to Wells Fargo in our area. I am nervous about this and may go to a Federal Credit Union


Good answer, you will be much better off away from the monster mega-bank. However, keep in mind that you should NEVER deposit cash via an automated machine. Use a real teller and get a receipt.