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The drop boxes for deposits at Wachovia were great.They were time savers for both the customer and teller.

I'd like to know which government subsidized *** at Wells Fargo gave the order to remove them? I am a small business customer. Now instead of 30 seconds to make a deposit, it took 30 MINUTES the last time I went in.

You can tell, being fat with government bail out cash, they just don't care about customer service any more.I will miss Wachovia and when my checks are used up, I'll be looking for another bank (with a drop box).

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Lumezzane, Lombardy, Italy #218283

You are absolutely right about that and as a matter of fact they are not the only bank that is treating their customers like ***.They already taken the bailout money and when you go inside for service they take their own sweet time with no regard for the customer\\\'s time.

It\\\'s a darn shame what is happening to the customer comes first policy...:(

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